“Echoes” Reviews!

“Echoes” Single Release:

“Summertime isn’t all about poolside indie pop. We can’t forget about those slinky, steamy summer nights. And, thankfully, Whiskey Kiss is here to remind us of romances that start afterhours, in smoke-filled rooms and dingy bars. “Echoes” is the sultry follow-up to the Phoenix band’s 2016 release, Retro. Revamped., and one can only hope this means there’s another Whiskey Kiss album lurking in the not too distant future…” -YabYum Music and Arts

“This is the kind of heart and soul comforting song you want to hear on the jukebox,
in a smoky downtown bar, on a long and lonely late night out. ‘Echoes‘ is that sort of sonic companion you want to be comforted by. Its sultry guitar swagger, its magnetic beat, its seductive vocals and its emphatic and warm saxophone sequences are all you need to keep you going until the sun comes up and you’re ready for another solitary sleep. Check out the mood right here…” – Turn Up the Volume Blog

Our new track Echoes is available Now! Download it here, or stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you get your music. Enjoy! http://www.whiskeykissphx.bandcamp.com

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