Something’s happened. The police are on their way. 

After our very fun show at Camba Bavaria, we headed to our Air BnB in the rural countryside (with a case of beer from Camba- thanks guys!). Tommy drove the narrow lanes through the fields, had to make a 3-point turn to park us at our home for the night, and we had a great time hanging out too late as usual. 

Somehow overnight though, we managed to attract the attention of the local town officials. As Nick and Bruce were loading the van in the morning, a group of men came over and began yelling at them in German. Bewildered and flustered, Nick tried to understand what the stern authorities were trying to communicate, but he didn’t understand until one of the men (probably the Mayor) wiped dirt off our tires and waggled his finger in Nick’s face. 

Apparently, Tommy’s 3-point turn had made a very slight inroad into a strawberry field, and the people of the town were NOT happy about this. As Mike came out to load his bag into the van, he was very confused as Nick just began pulling away slowly, stopping in front of the house only to yell at everyone to get in the van, now! 

From this point on, we were known as the Strawberry Bandits, and fruit farmers across Europe banded together to cause us minor inconveniences to hassle the rest of our tour. “Whisky Kuss ist Scheiße!” 

We were able to make our getaway to play the Rock n Roll bar in Ludwigsburg. Our awesome host Sasha hooked us up with some good old fashioned burgers and beers, and we played a fun show. 

Thanks to our friend Dee for arranging the gig, and for making the introduction to Juan. Juan watched us play, and then offered to give us a tour of Ludwigsburg Palace. 

Juan was an excellent tour guide. We learned a lot, and he made sure we had all the best views of the palace at night. 

Then he took us to an incredible underground spot called the Black and White Bar. We had wine, and some of the best cocktails we’ve ever had in our lives. Then Sasha showed up, and we had more shots, of course 😝. We have been so blessed on this tour to meet just the nicest people in the world- not only did Juan and Sasha show us an incredible time, but they also refused to let us pay for the drinks. Just world class folks all around. So once again, after staying up too late, we headed back to our hotel to grab a couple hours of sleep. 

In the morning, we slowly got ready, taking turns for showers. While I was getting ready, Tommy went downstairs for a smoke, came back up and informed Nick, “Well, Bruce is gone, the van’s gone, and the keys are gone”. 

Bruce disappearing is nothing new, so Nick and Tommy headed back down, hoping they would find him and the van with all our equipment shortly. Fortunately, they did, but Bruce’s first words were, “Something’s happened. The police are on their way.” 

Obviously this did nothing to help allay their fears. Bruce was pretty shook up, but they finally got the story out of him. Apparently, at 7 am, someone from the hotel came up to ask us to move the van, and Bruce was the only one who woke up. So he went down, and drove around looking for street parking. After a while, he found a spot, but he had some trouble finding his way back to the hotel. He finally found it, but then decided he should make sure he could find the van again. 

But he couldn’t. Bruce walked the streets of Stuttgart for hours, but he couldn’t find it anywhere. He wondered if the construction workers he had parked near had had it towed, so he asked around. No luck. He called the rental car company to get the license plate number, then called the police to find out if it had been impounded. It hadn’t been, but the police offered to assist if necessary. 

This is the point Nick and Tommy found him. They both listened to his story, and decided to try and look themselves. They each headed down a different direction, rounded a corner on the same street, and simultaneously found the van about 30 seconds later. 

Poor Bruce had just been so turned around, sleep deprived, and panicked that he just missed it. But thankfully, Lucky was found, our equipment was still there, and Whiskey Kiss was able to get back on the road to meet Shorty and Walt and start the combined Voodoo Swing/Whiskey Kiss leg of the tour. 

The fun never stops! 

-Niki 😉

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