It’s official: we love Germany 🇩🇪! We have had such a string of great shows here. We kicked the German leg of the tour off with a show at Litfass in Bremen, but first: laundry. 
Litfass sits on the main street of this fun town, where tourists and locals shop, hangout, and, of course, drink beer. We played through an open window towards the street, with Mike and Bruce inside, and Nick, Tommy, and I on the small stage out front facing the road. At first, the crowd was a little thin, but as soon as we started playing, the whole place, inside and out, filled up. People were stopping along the street to stop and take pictures, videos, and just watch the show. 

We had a super fun show, hung out with the locals, and learned that German schnapps are far different from what we drink in the states. 

Next we headed to the little town of Hechingen Germany to play at a fun little pub called Schwarz Brenner. We made a pit stop at the Waldorf Rock & Roll Weekender to borrow a PA from our friends The Booze Bombs. We didn’t get to hang out as much as we wanted, but thankfully we will get to see them more at their hometown in Calw this Thursday! By the way, the PA sounds great- thanks Stephan!
Unfortunately at this point, I came down with a cold, but thankfully the show at Schwarz Brenner was an intimate one. I traded my beer glass for some hot tea, the boys let me take it easy, and we had a fun time hanging out. 

In the morning we toured a castle (yes you read that right). Castle Burg Hohenzollern was right outside the gig, so we had to stop. 

You’d think things don’t get much better than a fairy tale castle, but then we went to Camba Bavaria, a brewery on the water in Truchtlaching. Our hostess Daniella greeted us at the door with our logo drawn on their welcome signs, a clip from the newspaper featuring Whiskey Kiss, and delicious beer. Then they served us an amazing dinner of roast pork, sausages, sour kraut, dumplings, and apple turnovers for dessert. We still can’t get over the kind hospitality that people treat as a matter of course over here. 

We kicked off the show to a packed bar, and had a few hiccups at the beginning with our sound setup. We took a break to work it out- Tommy and Nick fixed the PA while Mike and Bruce schmoozed the crowd. When we took the stage again, we were ready, and this time we rocked the joint. 

We’ve been honored to be asked for an encore at every show so far, and Bavaria was no different. We played “one more song” by playing them the medley- a seven-songs-in-one that we thought more than covered it. Nope- it still wasn’t enough! The crowd clamored for more, and then did the coolest thing ever. Instead of just cheering and asking for another, the entire audience literally broke into song and Daniella told us it meant they wanted more. ​

This was one of the best moments we’ve ever had. Thank you Bavaria- you are absolutely wonderful. 

5 more shows to go! 

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