Cheers! Prost! Skål! 

Spoiler alert: this blog post contains no catastrophes, only happy times. 

Hallelujah! Whiskey Kiss played two shows in a row where everything went right! Friday night, in our new van we named Lucky, we drove down to Oostkamp, Belgium where we finally met Tom Calleeuw. Tom has been helping us out from across the world for a couple years now. In 2014, he reviewed Dangerous One on his site Street Styled, and for this tour he’s been nothing but helpful- even offering to help transport us to gigs when we were having all our car troubles. 

On Friday night, we played his and his dad’s bar The Kingsland Club, an awesome, tucked-away venue with a great stage and bar that reminded us of the quintessential Midwest lodge. 

We hung out with Wild Records band The Desperados, made some new friends, and generally had a kick-ass time. 

On Saturday morning, we had a little time for some sight-seeing in Bruges, an absolutely gorgeous city. 

Then we headed north to play a show on the Netherlands coast. We soaked in the sea-side air, ate a delicious dinner of fish and chips at Taverne, and shared a bottle of wine before the show. 

It’s been so fun to see how people react to us. At first, every audience is a little skeptical. At each show, they watch us very attentively, but you can tell they are sizing us up. But sooner or later, they start warming up, getting into the show, and we’ve ended every night with a dance party and the crowd shouting for one more song, which we happily obliged. 

So no disasters for this post, only good times. It’s probably not as fun to read, but I hope you’re happy to know that we are well and having a blast. We just crossed into Germany, headed to our show tonight via the Autoban at Litfass in Bremen.

 Auf Wiedershen!


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