Duo Tour Kickoff in Mexico!

We can put our first international gig down in the books! The staff and owner of The Boo Bar in Puerta Peñasco (Rocky Point) treated us so well- too well actually. I spent most of the next day feeling the tequila shots, but no one can fault Mexican hospitality. 
Nick and I played our first duo gig Friday night. It was hot on the beach, and since we felt naked anyways without the guys, we decided to play our first gig in our swim suits. If anyone caught live pictures, we’d love to see them! 

We went up with our drummer Michael Robinson and his girl Christy, and they put us up in a fabulous resort, so we didn’t test out the trailer till Sunday night. The cool thing was that since Mike was in town, we enlisted the help of the fabulous Jamie Waldron to play bass and we were able to put on a full show Saturday night. Jamie rocked the bass- even songs he had never heard before from the new album.


Even though the album won’t be out until this Fall, and we’ve decided to keep the new songs under wraps until the release, we ARE road testing the songs on this duo tour. So if you can catch us, you will get a very special preview of the new album. Hope to see you out at a show!

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